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released March 27, 2017



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CLEARVIEW São Paulo, Brazil

5 dudes coming straight from Sao Paulo Brazil, playing the fastest & hardest hardcore since 2002.

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Track Name: Living On your Knees
You say 'its alright' but it's not for me
Spreading your poison like a disease
No tolerance for this attitude, you gotta pay me back
Next time you cross my path, things will get mad

You better fear my name, my rage will smash you

All the shit you said
All the lies you told
No mercy for your kind
You are dead in my eyes
I wanna cross your path and teach you what's right
Vengeance from the streets, no time for you to cry

You better fear my name, my rage will smash you

Terrible nights, without any sleep
Your mind so disturbed by your guilty
I was counting down to see how you will deal with it now you are lost
seeking for something to cover your shit, live with your own disgrace

Give up now you are lost
Track Name: No Good Game feat Scott Vogel
Life is a desperate game sometimes you win but sometimes you can't
People always trying to control my fate
I'm pissed off, I don't wanna live this way
I'm sick and tired of these old games
You better stop now while you can
Many people gave up during this game but I'm still here


There's no good game in this life!
You are here to suffer and survive
Times are changing but i see no light
I accept my challenger, i wont give up the fight